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With more then 250.000 inhabitants, Niš is the third biggest city in Serbia and the capital of Southeastern Serbia. It is also cultural, medical, economic and university center for this region. It is located on Nišava River, 240 km from Serbian capital Belgrade and 150 km from Bulgarian capital Sofia. Long known as “the gateway between east and west” since it is situated at a crossroads connecting Europe with Middle East, connected to the world with airlines departing from international airport “Constantine the Great”.

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, Niš offers numerous leisure time and excursion possibilities. Enjoy untouched nature while hiking on beautiful mountain of Suva planina, experience the rush on Nišava rafting trough amasing Sićevo Gorge, test your limits on natural rock free climbing in special nature reserve Jelašnica Gorge, try one of the world best terrains for Paragliding, or just relax in thermal water of Niška Banja SPA.

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Niš is a rich source of historical treasures, some of which are dating from the very beginnings of civilization. The prehistoric finds Bubanj, Velika Humska Cuka and Mediana testify that early settlements around Nis emerged in the Neolithic, Eneolithic and the Bronze Age.

Antique Niš (Naissus) was the birthplace of the famous Roman emperor Constantine the Great who issued the Edict of Milan in 313 ad, which granted all persons freedom to worship whatever deity they pleased, assured Christians of legal rights (including the right to organize churches).